About Toy Infinity

Toy Infinity is a dream in progress. A website, You Tube channel, blog and online shop all dedicated to toys. I will be featuring toys past, present and future. Welcome to all kids, no matter what your age. I hope to provide inspiration for activities and things to do with your children and pre-schoolers. Welcome! Join me in going toy infinity and beyond.

Follow me on Twitter @toyinfinity, Facebook @ToyInfinityandBeyond, Tumblr – toyinfinity, Instagram @_toyinfinity, Pinterest @toyinfinity and You Tube channel Toy Infinity.

by Rhi age 39 and 3/4.

Toy Infinity provides affiliate links to Amazon UK (through their Associates programme) in blog posts written about certain products. If you use these links to purchase through Amazon I receive a small payment in return. No ordering is done through me, you deal only with Amazon, and at no point do you actually pay me any money! You do not have to click on any links, just enjoy my blogs and articles.

Contact toyinfinity1 @ gmail. com


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