Thunderbirds Are Go! Tracey Island Toy Review

For a while Thunderbirds was an obsession in this house. Everything was counted down from five, even putting on shoes to go to school. Father Christmas kindly brought Tracey Island last year. The ITV new cartoon series was a regular on our Sky Planner.

So what is the Tracey Island play set like? First thing to bear in mind you have to put it together! It took my husband about an hour and a half to do it, not including the extra time it took him to tell my son it would be a lot quicker if he left him to it. It is quite fiddly and at the time of writing this Tracey Island is in three pieces after being “played with” by a destructive visitor, so once it’s together it is quite easy to break.

To get the 50 sounds and animations to work it needs 3 x AAA and 3 x LR44 batteries which don’t come included. So make sure you have some to avoid disappointment on the day.

So what’s it like? It’s a great toy! Every Thunderbird rocket does something different. It takes a while to learn what to press and who goes where but the movements and sound effects are fabulous.

It would be better if it came with a couple of figures, but you can buy them separately. No rockets are included either, so don’t forget to buy those or you can’t do a lot with the play set.

The communicator was lost pretty quickly, so that part of the play set hasn’t been a great success for us. If your seven year old is more careful than mine then it will add to the fun.

My biggest complaint are the trees that line the path Thunderbird 2 takes. They always fall off. It’s a miracle we haven’t lost any yet, and if you don’t put them on the right way Thunderbird 2 gets stuck.

So would Toy Infinity ask Father Christmas to bring this again? Yes we would. It has been played with a lot, the sounds are exciting and it appeals to my son and daughter. It is pretty expensive though around £70 in most retailers, so worth keeping an eye out in the sales for one and if you see a bargain buy it before the price goes up! Currently Tracey Island is available on Amazon it is £42 with free delivery! The super vehicle set is £22 on Amazon UK.


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