Rogue One New Star Wars Toys Released Today September 30th

Today saw the release of the Rogue One Star Wars toys before the general film release towards the end of the year.

There are a good range of toys from vehicles and ships to the main characters in the story, covering a good price range from less than £10 to over £50 for the bigger deluxe toy ranges, like the Rogue One Rebel U-wing Fighter Vehicle  pictured above.

I particularly like the Hot Wheels character cars – they remind me of the Disney film Cars and should appeal to the younger Star Wars fan even if they aren’t old enough to see the film. At £5.99 or some double packs from £8.99 they are an affordable gift too.


For fans of action figures there are a range of character figures from £7.99, to scaled models over £20. You might not want any play fighting with those though! For fans of interactive figures there is an interactech Imperial Stormtrooper figure that is 12″ in height. It features 65 sounds, and costs around £39.99.


If you want to see more toys from the Star Wars Rogue One range have a look at and searching for Rogue One in the toy departments.

Toy Infinity will keep you updated as more new releases are confirmed. As always it is worth keeping an eye on prices as we enter the more competitive Christmas retailing period there may be a few offers available.

May The Force Be With You!




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