Crayola Washable Paints No More Scrubbing Tables and Hands!

We all know messy play is good for child development. Like most things what we know and what we actually do are two different things. I used to dread the words “can I do some painting?” Too many bad experiences with paint that stained hands, the wipe clean tablecloth was tinged with red that wouldn’t come off and it took more effort clearing up than they spent actually doing any painting.


By chance I bought a set of Crayola washable paints. I don’t think I really believed that they would be any better than the pound shop finger paints I had been using. Oh my word they are.

Paint can be wiped off with baby wipes. No scrubbing endlessly at green and orange fingers so they don’t spend the next day looking like a halloween experiment. Kitchen roll and a bit of water cleans the PVC tablecloth. I don’t cry anymore and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

I find them slightly less vibrant than some paint brands, but they do exactly the same job. Any kind of printing, painting, canvas painting or master piece looks as good. You can still mix the colours either properly or into one big sludgy brown looking mess depending on the child and what mood they’re in.

They are more expensive than normal paint, and maybe you’re not as lazy as me, but I like an easy life. And for £3 more these give me that. You can find them here (affiliate) on Amazon.


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