It takes so long to learn iMovie!


I have never done any form of computer animation or film production in my life. I have always considered myself fairly computer literate, and logical to work things out. Reality is without google I would not have a clue with iMovie. So this blog post features the probably very obvious things I have learnt about video making in iMovie that had me scratching my head and losing my temper at.

1. You can’t import video you took with another program like QuickTime without choosing import media. Don’t waste your time looking for it in iPhoto’s.

2. For a long time I was adjusting each photo one by one from Ken Burns to fit to frame by using the edit function. Don’t waste your time like I did. In the view screen highlight them all by clicking the last one and pressing shift before you click your first frame. Go up to the top right hand corner and any changes you make will be applied to them all. Don’t forget to hit the blue tick to save the changes. You can edit the length of the clip by pressing the ‘i’ icon.

3. Don’t panic (like I did) when you choose iPhoto’s from the left hand side of the screen and instead of appearing they all vanish. You haven’t done anything awful just check you have photos and not videos selected, or the other way round.

4. To film from your iPad, connect it to your Mac and use QuickTime. By mirroring the device (flick up from the bottom of your iPad to select this) everything you do will be recorded. Just be sure to tick the microphone box too if you want sound. This creates a clip that you can import to iMovie. You can’t film directly into iMovie itself. It took me a long time to figure this out.


5. It takes a lifetime to upload videos to YouTube bear this in mind and try and keep them as short as possible. Sometimes I think I will collect my pension before they get finished. Pick your time for uploads to the quieter periods of broadband usage it does speed it up a bit.

6. Finally, Google, Apple help forum and YouTube help videos are essential! Thank you to everyone who knows what they are doing for putting it out there to help people like me who haven’t got a clue.

Have fun! If you make videos put a link to one of yours in the comments so I can see it (family friendly only before the p*rn spammers get involved!)


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