The Word Game: A Rainy Day Activity


I can be pretty rubbish at rainy days and often give in to the temptation of ‘yes you can have the TV on for 8 hours’ but sometimes it’s fun to do something together, especially when you have heard the theme tune to Peppa Pig a million times. This is one of those games that stretches their creativity a bit and gets them to practice a bit of English without realising it. I only do this with my eldest who can read, it’s just too much to read each word to my daughter, then repeat them because she has forgotten, then start the whole process again with the next word.

It needs a bit of prep work so don’t get them jumping up straight away leave Paw Patrol on for a bit longer. I write 30 words on 30 small pieces of paper. You can choose your number, more or less, do what feels right. They can be anything, themed anyway and about any subject. Some of those words you need to be useful words for sentences like the, and, it etc.. Others are objects or people, or things around you.

They choose the words they like best to make their sentence. I can assure you that putting poo or something similar in as a choice, the word ends up in most sentences. Mild insults usually form part of some sentences smells like and something unpleasant is a favourite. You know your child and their interests and humour, use words that will suit them.

Once they’ve “written” one they can move the pieces and start again with another sentence.

There is no mess apart from some paper bits you can either keep for next time or recycle, they practice their language and sentence structure; throw a few new words in and you give them better vocabulary.

We’ll be making some funny Halloween stories this way and it’s a definite for the Advent Activity Calendar.


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