Lego Star Wars Sets for Less Than £20

Lego Star Wars is very popular in our house and with Christmas fast approaching the time has come for some strategic planning for making your Christmas budget stretch further. If Star Wars Lego makes it onto the list, one of these sets might provide a less expensive option. Amazon affiliate links are provided but the key to bargain finding is to shop around! All prices are correct at September 2016 but check the up-to-date price before you purchase.

Since I originally started planning this post the price on Amazon has varied for most of these items, some more expensive, some actually slightly cheaper. (For example the biggest change has been the Ghost ship that went from £5.99 to £9.89)


Lego Star Wars £5-£10


Snow speeder set 75074 £7.35

Resistance X-wing 75125 //“>£7.18

Galactic empire battle pack 75134 //“>£9.99

Cookie gunshot 75129 //“>£6.98

Ghost 75127 //“>£9.89

First Order Snowspeeder 75126 //“>£7.18

At-DP Action Figure 75130 //“>£8.42

Poe’s X-Wing (bagged not boxed) 30278 //“>£8.84


Lego Star Wars £10-£20


Rebel alliance battle pack //“>£11.93

Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor 75135 //“>£17.87

Imperial Troop Transport 75078 //“>£11.93

Rey’s Speeder 75099 //“>£14.51

Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137 //“>£19.05

First Order Storm Trooper 75114 //“>£14.95

Droid Escape Pod 75136 //“>£19.94

Both Attack Mixed 75138 //“>£17.46

Resistance Trooper Battle Pack 75131 //“>£11.67

Darth Vader 75111 //“>£18.49

Geonosis Troopers 75089 //“>£10.95

First Order Battle Pack 75132 //“>£9.58

Shadow Troopers 75079 //“>£11.95

Straighter and Kamino (hanging planet display set) 75006 //“>£14.90

Kylo Ren 75117 //“>£15.98

Commander Cody 75108 //“>£11.99

Captain Phasma 75118 //“>£15.95

Gang Fett 75107 //“>£11.98

Luke Skywalker 75110 //“>£14.98

Obi-Wan Kenobi 75109 //“>£11.99

Finn 75116 //“>£15.99

There are some great Lego Star Wars ideas here – Lego sets are a timeless toy, make sure you keep the boxes and instructions because when your child has had enough (and providing you still have all the pieces) you can sell second hand.



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