Halloween Decoration Ideas That Won’t Scare You With The Price.


I must admit that every year I try and get into the spirit of Halloween and going all out on decorating the house but I can’t quite bring myself to spend loads of money on scary looking decorations. Last year the scariest thing about our house was the paper plates on the Halloween snack table. So this year I thought I would try and do a small child friendly party room, somewhere to play a couple of games and eat some scary treats.

Here are my ideas for my Halloween party (affiliate links).

Pumpkin leaf bags. If like me you were thinking what are they? I actually really like this idea. A set of 20 pumpkin looking plastic bags that you fill with leaves and decorate your lawn with. Halloween is always in half term and what better way to get them outside than picking up leaves to fill these bags?

Halloween party balloons. A party has to have balloons right?
Hanging bats. A 3 metre garland of hanging bats, not too scary, but would provide a great centrepiece to the room.
Hanging pumpkins. A pack of 12 swirly hanging pumpkins to decorate your ceiling. They even have friendly faces!
Have fun with these photo props. With the smart phone era we take tons of photos and these would make some great memory shots. The delivery time is quite long so it is probably worth ordering early.

Happy Halloween banner. For over the party table maybe?
Pound shops often have a brilliant range of Halloween themed paper plates and cups, and even wipe clean tablecloths. Have a look in your local one and see what gems you can find. Last year I bought pumpkin and ghost shaped silicone moulds from Lidl to make spooky mini cakes and chocolates. They will definitely be coming out again this year (blog post coming soon on spooky chocolate making).

It is quite hard finding decorations that aren’t going to freak out your young children. There are all sorts of scary monsters and skeletons and zombies that appear like they are crawling out of the ground. But do you want that for your four year old? Mine wouldn’t sleep for a week. I hope this blog has shown you that tame Halloween decorations do exist and you can put on a fun room that won’t break the bank.


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