Back to School Stationary and Great Gift Ideas with Smiggle

Toy Infinity recently got invited to a bloggers event at the Cardiff Smiggle store, where we got to take our time and have a look at all the stationary for this season. I must confess my favourite part of the store was their tagline: where a smile meets a giggle. How lovely is that? I love the image that it puts in your head.

If like me, you have never been in a Smiggle store before or don’t know much about the brand I’d like to give you the Toy Infinity guide to what’s in store this September.

Although at first glance the store seems quite girly and pink and purple dominated there is actually a nice range of boy-themed products. Smiggle divides it’s range into 7 colours: purple, blue, pink, green, black, yellow and red. Each colour has a character that is constant throughout the range. Each colour range has the same products but in that colour scheme.

My son loved the green range, especially the football themed items and my daughter loved the blue range. So much so, I ended up buying her a vanilla scented milk shake pencil case.

So what kind of things do Smiggle sell? Pencil cases, rucksacks, punchbags, smelly pencils and pens (the coca cola scent is lush), slap bands, calculators, watches, wallets, keyrings, wobble clocks (!) and most importantly novelty rubbers. Hands up all those eighties children who were obsessed with collecting rubbers? My hand is firmly in the air. I’m glad to see my children have inherited my urge to buy rubbers and never use them lol.

Smiggle have actually only been retailing in the UK since 2014, and the Cardiff store recently celebrated it’s first birthday. The products range from less than £5 (for novelty rubbers) to a light up wheels trolley bag for £42. You can find them in the St David’s Centre, not far from Boots or online.

For bright, colourful, cool and smelly stationary and gifts it’s worth heading to Smiggle.



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