Smiggle Blind Boxes Spikeys Series Two!

At a recent blogging event at the Smiggle store in Cardiff we got an exclusive look at the new series two Spikeys blind boxes.

Now my kids love blind boxes, blind bags of any description so when they came home with one each there was much excitement. If you don’t know anything about blind boxes it just means you can’t see what you’re getting. It’s a surprise.

Luckily we got two different ones, although I’m sure my daughter prefers the one my son got so I’m sure the arguments will start soon. The jealous glances at his penguin haven’t stopped since. There’s a good mix of “boy” and “girl” designs. Not important to me, but my son is very anti-girls stuff already.


They are about four inches in height and made of vinyl with a printed on design. The biker we got has detail all the way around him. They are quite chunky feeling so they should last a while in destructive little hands, and they stand solidly, so hopefully no tantrums because they keep falling over. The heads and arms are moveable. I’m guessing the hands can hold something because there is a hole through them, although I must confess I have no idea what or even if the small hole is meant to do anything.

Like series one, there is also a mystery character for series two. I’m sure if you google once they are available someone will have put out there what the mystery character is, otherwise you will have a nice surprise if you happen to get it in your box.

The series two Spikeys are available in Smiggle stores and online in just two weeks (September 2016), so there is time to find the Smiggle store nearest you! Each Spikey has an RRP of £7.

A little known fact – look out for the swap station in store, you might be able to swap a double of yours for one of the three Spikeys on display that day. The mystery character will never be on display though! And don’t forget to pick up your collectible poster so you can tick off who you have.

If you are in Cardiff, Smiggle is in the St David’s Centre (or the old St David’s to us locals lol), just down from Debenhams on the right hand side. Or see their website Smiggle to order online.

Disclaimer: as part of the blogger event we received a free goody bag which included our Spikey blind boxes.


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