Pokemon Go but Where do They go?

I have finally caved and loaded Pokemon Go onto the Toy Infinity iPad. I swear my son has watched hours of some guy called Ali finding Pokemon on You tube over the last few weeks. 

So what is Pokemon Go? It is quite a clever idea my two are now even more keen to go walking in case they find Pokemon. I vote that anything that encourages walking and being outside can only be a good thing.

There are some privacy issues that have been highlighted and for this reason our profile is totally locked down and can’t be viewed by anybody. Mean Mum!

So far we have one Pokemon in our Pokedex (the place where they all appear).

By doing this I have completely destroyed their impression of me as Clever Mum. The only Pokemon we caught was in the house. The only wifi the iPad has is in the house. Oh dear. Best laid plans and all that…


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