Occasional Boxes – a Winning Idea

I was recently lucky enough to win a Twitter competition run by Occasional Boxes for one of their children’s craft inspired gift boxes. It arrived very promptly and my two children (aged 7 and 4) got stuck in. I should have hidden it until it was raining but I will remember to race them for the post next time I’m expecting something.

When you open it you can just see it is stuffed full of stickers, crayons, activities, a greetings card and beads. I don’t think my two knew quite where to start. The first problem was the inevitable sharing out the activities with minimal arguing.

My son chose to make the turtle kit. It involved lots of sticking stickers which I must admit is one of his favourite activities. The instructions were very clear and he followed them with no help from me. He did a really good job of it to! Amazingly they decided to share making the card, decorating it for their dad. It got covered in plenty of seaside themed stickers, lots of drawings and a message inside written by themselves. I’d like to think they would share like that all of the time!

My daughter picked the rainbow sewing kit to do. She did need a fair bit of help but the threading of the colourful thread through the little holes was a great chance to practice those fine motor skills and with a lot of concentration she got the hang of it. 

I really love this idea and even my husband commented on what a great box it was, and he rarely comments on craft stuff, just despairs at the glitter and glue everywhere. They would be perfect for wedding favours for children, birthday gifts, and because of the lack of messy glue (everything being sticker based) they would be ideal plane activities or something to put in the holiday luggage for a rainy day.

Even though I won this box I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future, I have already spotted a Christmas themed box to put in their Christmas Stockings.

If you like the look of these Occasional Boxes head to the website Occasional Boxes, they are also on Facebook and Twitter (@occasionalboxes). If you say hi, tell them Toy Infinity sent you!


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