Play-Doh Crazy Cuts 

If you remember Play-Doh from the 1980’s chances are you remember the hairdresser Play-Doh set that we all loved. Play-Doh is 60 years old this year and still produces the hairdresser set now called Crazy Cuts.

It comes with six colours of Play-Doh (a total of 336g) some really nice vibrant shades, which is one of my favourite things about this set.

There are two book-moulds to use to create hairstyles and various tools to cut and style with. All around the base of the salon-style chair and the back of it are moulds of hair related decorations like plaits and moustaches to customise your character. As with all Play-Doh scissors the two parts get pulled apart regularly as they are opened too far but they clip back together ok.

Push the Play-Doh into your model, sit them on the chair and wind the handle and voila the hair grows. To change model person you need to wind the handle the other way not try and force it like my little girl lol.

It is still a brilliant set. Hours of hair cutting entertainment. And so far, our colours haven’t been mixed, which is a miracle!

We paid £12 on Amazon UK for our set, it is worth keeping an eye out for Hasbro 3 for 2 offers.


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