Rainy Day Activity Kitchen Roll Colouring!

Now this sounds like a strange idea, but it is a great one when you haven’t got anything to hand. For it to work you have to have kitchen roll with some form of imprinted pattern. Mine at the moment has circles all over it. It’s the Plenty brand (on offer I’m sure you get what I mean…)

It’s not colouring in the traditional sense but dabbing the felt tip. This won’t work with pencils or crayons, you will need felt tip pens. You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that you dab your felt tip in each indent to colour in your sheet.

The advantage? It’s time consuming. No quick scribble and I’m finished Mum after five minutes. It’s cheap and you don’t need any special equipment. The cons? They might get bored before they have finished the whole sheet.

Enjoy your ten minutes peace and quiet, preferably with a hot cup of tea you can finish.


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