Star Wars Party Bags and Star Wars Party Theme Treats

Having been asked several times to do themed party bags, I have looked for the Star Wars themed party bag goodies that I would use for a party bag for one of my children. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to search for these things, so in the interests of your time saving I have some suggestion of what I would use if I was planning a Star Wars party.

  • Star Wars mega mix selection for 8 party bags, if you are feeling lazy these work out at £1.87 per bag. For that you get 8 of 6 different types of item. The price doesn’t include any actual bags.
  • 6 Star Wars masks. Slightly more expensive at 49p each (£2.97 including delivery) but they look fab. Being thin cardboard they might not survive long in the hands of over-excited party go-ers.
  • Star Wars party bags are available at Amazon and most have free delivery.
  • Personalised party bag stickers are available, if you don’t want to buy a lot of Star Wars bags, buy cheaper plain paper bags and seal them with a personalised sticker. You get 35 per sheet with these ones.
  • 2.3 metres of Star Wars bunting. Currently it’s at a much cheaper price of £1.98 with free delivery.
  • The Force Awakens party hats £2.97 for 6. Who doesn’t love a party hat?
  • A Darth Vader piñata would make a great centrepiece and activity. This one holds 900 grams of sweets! Imagine the sugar rush after that.
  • If you’re making your own cake but struggling at the decorating, this stand-up edible Star Wars cake topper looks amazing, and you have to cut the images out with sharp scissors so that makes it homemade right?
  • This party tableware set supplies cups, plates, cutlery, napkins for 8 people. Or this party set for 16 people, including balloons and Star Wars tablecloth. You can buy it all individually if you would rather mix and match.
  • I know my two would love this BB8 balloon. You can choose to inflate it with helium or air.
  • I have one of these Death Star moulds on the way. It is oven and freezer safe. Going to surprise the kids with a Death Star ice cube in their summer drinks.
  • Edible cupcake toppers make it easy to produce professional looking cupcakes. A swirl of buttercream on homemade cupcakes or just put them on top of shop bought cupcakes, none of the piping hassle of trying to put your own details on them.
  • And if you are baking your own cupcakes these Star Wars cupcake cases look great.

I hope you like some of these Star Wars themed party suggestions. I have a feeling I will be coming back to this blog post for my sons eighth birthday. If you have any party themes you’d like suggestions for, leave a comment and I’ll do a blog post for your theme as well. 


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