Top 10 Star Wars Characters by Master Toy Infinity Aged 7.

My son likes to get involved with Toy Infinity. He suggests videos, we do them. He suggests  ideas, we do them. Today’s conversation was how he loves watching Top 10 videos on You Tube. So inspired by his recent watch history. Here are his top 10 Star Wars characters.

  1. Captain Rex (Clone Wars). His favourite clone trooper. No I have no idea who he is either.
  2. Plo Koon. He is cool with a funny mask. No I have no idea who he is either.
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi. He’s good at force mind tricks. I’m surprised he wasn’t higher up the list.
  4. General Grevious. He has four light sabres.
  5. Boba Fett. He likes his cool face colours. I’m not completely sure who he is to be honest.
  6. Yoda. For being good at light sabre combat.
  7. Kyle Ren. He has a triple bladed sabre.
  8. Ashoka Tano (Clone Wars). She’s funny.
  9. BB8. Because he is funny.
  10. The Emporer. He’s a cool character.

Now I look at this list and just think no Luke Skywalker? No Han Solo? No Darth Vader? I’d pick the obvious characters and he’s gone for a mix of well known and who is that? So that is my son’s top 10 greatest Star Wars characters who would your children pick? If you ask them let u know in the comments because I know my boy would love to hear them.


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