Math Bingo Are You Ready for a Family Challenge?

My mental arithmetic is terrible. I am really slow at working things out in my head. I suffer from the ‘I can’t do it’ as soon as I realise I have to do any kind of sum that doesn’t involve nice round numbers like 10’s and 5’s. So far I have managed to keep my inability to parrot off numbers quite hidden. Until this app came along.

Math Bingo Maths App Game by ABCya

Math Bingo is a fun maths app from It follows the same principles as a good old game of bingo. Get your sum right and you get a bug. Get five bugs in a row and you get Bingo!

There are three options; easy, medium and hard. Your child can play whichever level is best suited to their ability, or if you’re my son just keep playing the easy level so you can feel good about getting most of them right.

The Math Bingo app also gives you the option of choosing what type of sum you want to do: add, subtract, multiply, divide or a random combination of all four in the mixed level. It has been a fantastic app for my 7 year old to practice his maths. He likes collecting the different bugs and if you tilt your iPad or phone or tap them they move about and make noises.

I’m not so keen on our family challenge. Me on hard level, him on whatever level he picks. Quickest time to finish all the questions wins. I have yet to win. Which is great for his confidence but not so great for reinforcing his impression that I’m the cleverest person in the world. This Maths app has helped to build on the work he has been doing in school, particularly with his times tables.

Each player can have their own profile, and each profile has a report card, like the example shown above. It’s good for looking at their progress and working out which type of sums they could benefit from doing more of.

iPad or tablet time gets a pretty bad press, and is often slated as lazy parenting; while it’s not a great idea to do 7 hours straight actually educational apps like this one are an excellent way of learning. Both my 7 year old and 4 year old find it easy to use (OK so my 4 year old randomly clicks the numbers until she gets a bug lol), it is bright and colourful and more importantly it makes maths entertaining and there is an instant reward to a right answer when the bug appears.

Math Bingo is suited for ages 4 and over, but aimed at children aged between 6 and 8. There is no in-app advertising, no in-app purchases and no social networking buttons, so your Facebook profile won’t be flooded with push notifications. It does need iOS version 4.3 or later. This educational app costs £2.29 from the App Store, or you can buy it as part of a larger bundle of educational apps ABCya Bingo Games for £4.99.

Toy Infinity really loves this app, it is well worth the £2.29 we spent on it. While my son will eventually grow out of collecting the bugs, the maths practice will always be useful. If you are looking for a Maths app this one is an excellent choice.


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