Party Bags on a Budget. How Low Can You Do Yours?

Party bags. Most party organisers hate them. It’s a pain to put them together, it’s a pain to put decent things in them without spending a fortune. Let Toy Infinity help you! Here I have scoured Amazon party bag gift ideas that work out less than 20p each. 

  • 24 sea life creatures. Soak them in water and watch them grow in size. £2.85 (with free postage) which makes them 11p each. 
  • 50 bouncy balls. £4.24 (price includes 99p delivery cost). 8p each! Cheaper than anything I have seen in the supermarkets.
  • 10 animal finger puppets. £1.75 including free delivery, 17p each. 
  • 20 mini A6 colouring books, only 8p each, only £2.60 for all of them.
  • If you give colouring books, a set of 10 crayon packs would cost you £1.85 (including 99p delivery costs). 18p for a 4 pack of crayons seems pretty good to me.
  • Trolls is out in the cinemas later this year. These retro Trolls key rings are 15p each (£1.91 for 12).
  • 48 mini bubbles for £3.92 (including delivery), that is 8p per mini bubbles bottle.
  • Smiley face temporary tattoos are a very cheap purchase at 4p each. £1.15 for 24 including 99p delivery.
  • 20 neon bracelets for £1.55 work out at 7p each.
  • 24 self-making animal balloon heads are 21p each (£5.18 with free delivery). Forgive me the extra penny but these are really sweet!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas here. Obviously your total outlay depends on the number of party bags you are making, some of them come in sets of 10 or 20 that would need more than one set purchasing for a typical whole class party. If you put one of each of my 10 suggestions in a party bag it would cost £1.17 per bag. 

Look out for my future blogs on themed party bag gifts and ideas.

Happy birthday planning, 

Toy Infinity x


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