Play Doh Cookout Creations Set, or How to Make Brown Play Doh

Like most Play Doh sets the barbecue set is bright, colourful and full of different shapes to make and create. It centres around the barbecue that comes in three parts that need putting together.

Now I don’t know if this happens in your house but we try and make our Play Doh creations using every colour, trying to be realistic, like the box shows. The only thing that does happen (that the box doesn’t show) is we end up with a big brown ball of Play Doh at the end. Try explaining to a 4 year old it’s too late to separate the colours once you’ve squashed them all together.

You get five tubs of Play-Doh (much admiration to you if you keep them separate lol), themed ingredient moulds, a large steak and drumstick mould, extruders, utensils for cutting and a plastic burger and hotdog bun.

This is an excellent set, we tend to use this set and the breakfast cafe to make our own Play-Doh game of cafes. The extruders can be a bit stiff, but then this is good for strengthening little fingers ready for school. The plastic burger buns also contain moulds to make ingredients, I didn’t notice them for a while. The kebab skewer that fixes on the top has been a pretty pointless addition in this house. It has never been used properly, it is pretty much for threatening anyone who attempts to interfere with her Play-Doh set.

The extruders on the side is impossible to get all the old Play-Doh out as you can see in the photograph. This is a minor gripe of mine, my kids don’t care about that at all.

I love this. Play-Doh is fun. It smells nice. It’s sturdy and the toys are good quality. I always choose Play-Doh over the cheaper brands. The Play-Doh doesn’t dry out as quickly and it stays much more malleable than the pound shop versions. 

It is one of the more expensive sets (it was about £27 in Toys R Us), we bought it as part of a 3 for 2 offer and kept two hidden for birthday and Christmas, but the amount it has been played with makes it good value for money for me. The box is quite large though so it is a pain trying to fit it in the small craft cupboard in the kitchen with everything else.

I’ve got more Play-Doh toys to review on Toy Infinity, and hopefully some video reviews will be coming soon as well.


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