Paint Your Own Paw Patrol Figure. Chase is on The Case!

Unless you’ve been in space for the last couple of years or childless you will have heard of Paw Patrol and heard it’s theme tune several times. I’ve lived through the Paw Patrol obsession and come out the other side unscathed.

We recently found this Paw Patrol paint your own ceramic figure by Sambro. It is suitable for ages 4 and over. It came with a Chase figure, a paint pot strip with 5 colours and a paintbrush (which is good ours regularly go missing). The colours included are red, yellow, dark blue, black and white. Annoyingly there is no brown to be able to do the dogs fur, so you’ve either go to mix your own or wing it and paint them yellow like my girl chose to do.

The mounded figure has some good detailing on it and it’s nice and heavy so hopefully will last a little while; being a plaster cast figure you need to treat it gently though.

Chase costs £6.99 from “>Amazon; or £14.99 “>for a set of 3 paint your own figures. (Amazon affiliate links). Don’t forget all orders over £20 have free UK delivery. Prices can change and are correct June 2016.

Keep an eye out for offers on these figures, they would make nice stocking filler gifts or birthday gifts. It was a good short activity. My daughter got bored quite quickly as you can see from the amount of white on him but it is the kind of thing hat you can complete over time.


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