Why are children so obsessed with Kinder Surprise eggs?

I really don’t get it. Firstly, my two don’t even seem to like the chocolate much and secondly what you get inside is mostly pretty meh. It’s the opening for my two and doing an impression of Disney Collector waving their flyers and stickers around. I object to the use of the word candy. We’re in the UK; we eat sweets, we throw away rubbish and pants go under our trousers.

If your children are as obsessed head to Lidl. They usually have packs of three for about £1.50. I got My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last time.

So what have I agreed to? Yes Toy Infinity is going to join the ranks of surprise egg opening. I have three boxes especially for it. I have reached an agreement with my two amateur Disney Collectors. I’m doing the opening. When they do it you can’t see much, they keep putting their arms, hands and heads in the way. It takes too much time and frustrated tears on my part to edit it into something watchable. So I’m opening, they are going to voice over a commentary.

I had to enforce certain other rules. 

  • I am not getting Elsa to pretend to open them.
  • No shopkins are to be involved.
  • I don’t need a light sabre to help break the chocolate.
  • The word candy is banned, I’ve caved on flyer because leaflet doesn’t sound right.

Now I just need to think of something lovely to bake with all that chocolate we’ll have and persuade Galaxy that they really need to start making surprise eggs.


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