The Difference Between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

On Sunday we will celebrate our Dads, our baby’s Dads and any male relative that had a positive impact on us growing up. Not everybody grows up with their Dad, so it’s always a bit of a contentious one with my single Mum friends. Not everyone has a Mum either. Sometimes you need to be selfish and celebrate what you have, while you still have it.

I will boast I chose well for a Dad for my children. He is a great role model, and he’s really involved in them, their lives and the Nintendo. All round perfect right? Well he has got one thing right. Father’s Day is not much different to any Sunday, apart from a card and his favourite blackcurrant cheesecake (if he’s lucky). He gets his Sunday dinner like every Sunday, he takes our son swimming, like every Sunday. We will ask him what he wants to do with his afternoon. But there is nothing extra-ordinary. Maybe there should be?

Mother’s Day is amazing. I don’t do dinner! I don’t do the running around after the kids (who will quite happily sit next to their Dad for hours waiting for me to come along before they ask for a million drinks and snacks). They make me cake! I love that afternoon.

We both work hard at raising our kids and keeping the household going in our own way, and it’s nice to have that one afternoon of milking it.

So, yes he doesn’t stack the cutlery in the dishwasher the right way, he winds them up before bed with light sabre games and I’m not sure he can reach the box to put his shoes, but he is ours. He reads with the kids nearly every night, he works bloody hard so I can be at home and he now has seen the light and loves caravanning. 

He’s definitely a keeper. Remind me to read this post the next time he does my head in…….

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there.


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