Phrases I’ve taught my children

You know what they say the older you get, the more you sound like your parents. This list is my proof that it is most definitely true.

1. Because I said so. Yes, the original 1970’s shut down any conversation, this topic is closed.

2. I will do it now. In a minute. The in a minute is usually after the second reminder that I still haven’t done something life threatingly important like change the TV channel.

3. Do as I say, not do as I do. So no you can’t have chocolate for breakfast even if you catch me stuffing a Wispa in my mouth before we leave for school. I hated this phrase. My Dad was very fond of it, I can now see why!

4. Bugger. Whoops. As parroted by my son age three after he dropped the blocks in nursery.

5. The exasperated sigh that happens after you have answered the same question eighteen times. My son is already a master at it to his younger sister. He will make a wonderful father lol.

6. What? Yes I know you should say pardon to be polite, but I’ve reached the age of 39 still saying what so I’m guessing I’m going to stay impolite for the rest of my life.

7. The usual naughty step, I am truely super nanny phrases. The four year old doesn’t listen. Or at least I thought she didn’t, until baby Annabel got put on the step. Funny how she can parrot the whole spiel to baby Annabel without actually doing any of it at the time herself.

8. We’re laaaaaate. Everyday they hear this one. Every day.

9. I love you. Everyday they hear this one, and every night before they go to sleep. I love the bones of them. I hope they know how much.

10. Please and thank you. Their manners might slip at home, but I’m very proud of them out and about. They are 9.5 times out of 10 adoringly polite. I hope they stay this way. The world needs manners.

So 80% of the time what they hear from me is the usual nagging parenting, but 20% of it looks like it could slip into the class of good parenting. I go with the school of thought that actions speak louder than words; cwtches over words, kisses over phrases and tickling over corporal punishment. I only hope that my actions will shape them into kind, caring, truely gorgeous humans because doesn’t the world need them.


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