If you possessed the Force like a Jedi, what Jedi mind trick would you do with it?

That was the question put to me by my 7 year old son on our walk back from the shops. Naturally he already his answer ready, I think he had been thinking about this already. He would make me let him go downstairs at whatever time he wanted in the morning to watch TV, not wait until Dad gets up or 7 o’clock (whichever comes first),

So what parenting mind tricks would you do? Here are mine:

  • You will stop arguing. That had to be number 1 right?
  • You will eat your broccoli because you enjoy it and not because you have to.
  • You will tidy your room happily and with no moaning.
  • You will watch Bargain Hunt because I can’t watch another episode of Bing (the biggest moaner ever) bunny.
  • You don’t want to press the Let it Go button on your Build-a-Bear anymore.
  • You are feeling tired (at 6pm).
  • You can go a whole night sleeping in your own bed (that one is to the 4year old).
  • I am going to sit in peace for 10 minutes and drink my cup of tea without wiping any snot, or bums, or sorting out any arguments over Lego or who is watching what!

I am now wishing that I was Obi Wan Kenobi, it would make parenting much easier!


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