Moon Sand, Who Had This Great Idea?

That is sarcasm. The advert makes it look brilliant. Squidgy it together and it is like Play-Doh. What the advert doesn’t show you is the stuff gets everywhere. It turns your kitchen floor into some kind of green beach that takes ages to hoover up. You lose 25% every time you play with the Moon Sand because kids are naturally messy.

We have the construction set. Taking my hatred of sandy feet away, for kids it is a brilliant toy. They make the bricks by squashing the Moon Sand into the brick moulds, build a house and then knock it down. We got given it ages ago by some foolish adult for a birthday present.

I am not always a nice Mum. The moon Sand is only allowed to be played with in the garden.

If you are feeling brave it is a good messy play activity; just don’t blame me for the mess!


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