Build-a-Bear. Build a great big hole in your wallet!

Now admittedly this time not my wallet. My 4 year old has saved her pocket money and took that along with her birthday money to spend in Build-a-Bear. She has waited all week for today, and it didn’t let her down.

I wished I was a kid walking in and that we’d had a Build-a-Bear when I was growing up. It’s like a teddy paradise. So much so, it took her 20 minutes just to choose the bear, or puppy in our case that she wanted. I love the choose a heart touch and making a wish before they stuff the bear, it is always the little things that stick most in your mind. After stuffing him, washing him at the bath station (not real water I hasten to add); it was time to pick an outfit. Well t-shirt, shorts, shoes, coat, pyjamas and a cupcake bag to be exact.


Luke Skywalker aka Pup
What nobody warned me about was the sounds that can go in the paw. I have listened to Let It Go multiple times today, so many I am tempted to super glue my ears shut. And I can never take that out of his paw. Someone please tell me the batteries don’t last!

But that is a miserable parent talking my daughter loves her Luke Skywalker puppy (yes that is the name she gave him, it’s on his certificate and everything). He was dressed in his pyjamas at bedtime and she listened to Let It Go constantly until she dropped off to sleep.


We went to the Cardiff store and the staff were so friendly and helpful. And they spoke to our children, not to us, and I loved that.

Build-a-Bear is definitely a treat. It’s a well thought out shop and the range of outfits and bears is amazing. Yes she spent every penny she had, but when I look at my soft animals that I wanted for ages and see them sat in our play room still being used, it makes me think that saving for a treat isn’t a bad thing. I just hope it’s not still singing Let It Go in 20 years time.
They do have an offer running currently (as of today 1st June 2016 in store and online) of any bear, an outfit and shoes for £29.99. If there isn’t a workshop near you, you can order online but that wouldn’t be quite as fun. Check the website for the discount code to apply before purchasing.


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