We’re going on a bug hunt! We hopefully won’t find any big ones!

I picked this bug viewer up in Poundland for, yes you guessed it £1. I didn’t buy two I was feeling brave stood in there and decided that they should be learning to share. My daughter had chosen a CBeebies mini beasts magazine with some of her saved pocket money (£4! But that’s another blog post) so she had the magnifying glass from that as well.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can’t be bothered driving somewhere but I still want something to do with them so they don’t end up irritating the life out of me. We’re blessed with a network of walks where we live so we headed out with our bug viewer for an explore.

The sun was shining, the fresh air was lovely, the scenery to die for and two children who were very enthusiastic. It was a lovely afternoon. 4 beetles, 1 wood louse, countless flies, 1 earthworm, 2 spiders and 1 ant later six very tired legs headed home.

 This blog tends to focus on toys; but sometimes it isn’t the money you spend on something but the time you spend doing it. Ignoring the usual sibling bickering we had a lovely couple of hours and all it cost was £1 and a bit of sun cream. Head to Poundland, they have a lot of outdoor themed kids toys and activities at the moment.


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