Lego Disney Minifigures Blind Bags (Series 16) Have Landed at Toy Infinity!

I will have two very excited children when they see today’s purchase. Ever since we knew they were coming out, they have been on our wish list. Thanks to Argos I have managed to find somewhere to buy them and not have to pay loads for postage.

They are now waiting on the kitchen worktop for them to open. If you’ve never seen an unboxing video on You Tube then it’s a huge craze and my two children are obsessed with unboxing videos. I promised weeks ago when these arrived they could film the opening so that will be the after school job one day this week.

I love this activity with them. They are developing a real interest in photography, their language is being tested as they try and commentate and they are having fun with me (well it’s fun 90% of the time, the other 10% is sibling bickering). I am good cop, bad cop though. I’m not letting them do any old video they choose, I’m not letting them be front of camera and I get total editing rights. For me, I want this to develop into a full-time occupation, which it will when I have the website and the social media all combined. Hopefully they will carry on this journey with me, but i know they might not.

Until then I will enjoy this time, because time is precious and even if only a handful of people ever see what we produce, we’ll have spent a good portion of time together doing it.



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