Illness, cabin fever and no toys will do.

No matter how many toys and gadgets your kids might have. No matter how many books or jigsaws. It doesn’t even matter how many video games they may have collected. When they are ill, there is only one thing that will do. A parent. A carer. Someone to cwtch.

I am just coming out of two weeks straight nursing one child and then the second through tonsillitis. Two weeks of being the number one want for both children; two weeks of near constant CBeebies just to have some sound in the background. Two weeks of developing cabin fever because there’s nothing wrong with me.

It’s interesting to watch the cycle of events. The initial lying down phase. Quiet and pale, even paracetamol doesn’t get them jumping up. Then the sitting up phase. No energy but more interest in something to break the monotony (for both of us). The starting to do stuff phase. Not quite well, but not quite ill either, this is what I look for. You know you are only 24-48 hours from normality and a return to school. The I’m better phase. Usually starts around 10 o’clock when they are sure they will get an extra day off.

The usual guaranteed distractions have worked during this time. Colouring, play-doh, stories read by Mum and CBeebies. All the action figures and play sets pushed aside for anything they could do that needed them to sit down as close to me as possible. Sticker books! How could I forget the amazingness that are sticker books. My saviours!

It’s only when they are ill that you realise how much energy they do have. I have my fingers crossed that I don’t develop the tonsillitis when normal energy levels are resumed.


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