Draw Out that Ends up as a Shoot Out

The game’s actual tag line is Draw Out and Doodle On but in our house it ends up in a shoot out between the 7 year old who can draw and the very nearly 4 year old who can’t but thinks she can.

Draw Out Junior is a kids drawing game by Tactic Games, for 3-6 players aged 5 and over. Even though my 3 year old daughter can’t properly play it, we don’t leave her out and she is quite happy drawing her scribbles on the white board (as long as she doesn’t look like she is winning my eldest is happy with that too). It is suitable for boys and girls.

Draw Out Junior comes with a game board, 150 subject cards (with 4 categories per card), a sand timer, 6 playing pieces and the drawing board (with whiteboard pen and sponge for rubbing out). The aim is to take turns drawing what is on your subject card for the category you landed on after you rolled the dice. If a player guesses correctly both you and they move forward on the game board. First to the finish wins. As well as single players you can also play a team game if you prefer.

It is a good game. All of us enjoy it and it gets the kids thinking a bit more than some board games. The success of it depends on your individual drawing skill and whether you can actually make what is in your head recognisable on paper. I’ve noticed it is a bit of a confidence boost when you do guess what their picture is correctly.

The game itself is nice and durable. The game board and white board are small, but sturdy. The cards will get bent, but children’s hands aren’t always gentle, and our duck shaped sponge is already covered in graffiti. You will be able to replace the pen with any dry erase whiteboard pen, please don’t use a normal marker you will ruin the white board. The box is small enough that this game could be taken away for holidays or travelling.

I think we will grow into this game more as the children grow older. My daughter is certainly too young for it, and with only one category having a picture and the rest words she needs a lot of help, which isn’t surprising as it is for ages 5 and over. But, having said that she really enjoys playing it, and by playing it she is getting to practice pen control, which is only a good thing. If you have a younger child who likes drawing it is probably worth playing with them only using the picture category (which is what we do) that they can try and copy.

Draw Out Junior is available from Amazon, and costs around £13 (May 2016). You can find Draw Out Junior here.


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