Transformers: Robots in Disguise or Stuck as Cars…..

I could never do Transformers as a child, there is something very complicated about all the part folding and getting the order right. Turns out I’m not any better at doing it as an adult. We have a stash of 1980’s Transformers. The instructions have long been lost and brain fudge means neither me or the other half has the slightest idea what to do with them. So, they are stuck as random cars and planes or half made Transformers.

It got me thinking there must be somehow in the age of Google to find this information out and identify which Transformer is which. It was even more annoying to me while photographing them. What are they supposed to look like?

For me, this is how some toys really do last a lifetime and some only last as long as you are using them. Everybody would pick up their favourite doll or board game and know what to do. With these we don’t even know the names of most of them. It’s easy to laugh at collectors who keep the boxes and instructions, but is that we should be doing as parents? If we don’t ship them out in a charity shop bag should we make sure we keep all the information together?

I can most definitely assure you that no instructions for this stuff will be kept or filed long-term in this house. So, I guess I will just keep on trying to figure this stuff out myself. It makes me appear more Super Mum if I succeed.


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