May the 4th Be With You and How to be a Jedi

My lad is Star Wars crazy. He is in the middle of an obsession that if it follows his planes obsession will last a few years. I remember loving Star Wars as a child; okay I’ll be honest I love Star Wars now. I can be more enthusiastic about Star Wars than I ever could plane spotting. On Monday he realised that there was a Star Wars day. The pun around the phrase ‘may the force be with you’ was the cherry on top of the cake for him.

We had a quick scan through the images on Twitter this morning. There was one by I Loves the ‘Diff where an X-wing and Tai fighter fly over Cardiff Bay. He was in awe. It really grabbed him because he knows Cardiff Bay, he has been there hundreds of times and there in those familiar surroundings were two of his favourite things. He has gone to school talking about it. He has gone to school believing that Star Wars day can only be a good omen for his first year two test.

For most of us Star Wars is just a film, an entertaining hour and a half, and a reminder that we were once kids wanting light Sabres. At one point I would have sold my right arm for a light sabre like Alex next doors and I spent hours Bobby pining my hair into coils on the side of my head, and in my imagination I looked exactly like Leia. I avoided all mirrors that might tell me otherwise.

Sometimes it is fun to indulge in your childish side. So if you do nothing else today, run at the automatic doors like Obi-Wan Kenobi and use a Jedi motion to open them. Believe in the force for a split second, before your adult head tells you they would have opened anyway.

May the force be with you my friends. May the force be with you.


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