Disney Infinity Twilight of the Republic

I have a very lovely seven year old boy but like most seven year old boys he has now discovered the Wii U and boy has he discovered it. Some days I am the worst mother in the world for limiting his time on it, he’s not old enough to sit in pyjamas all day in his boy cave yet. To give him credit he has saved his £1 pocket money for weeks to be able to afford to buy the Disney Infinity 3.0 Twilight of the Republic starter set. The game disc allows three different games to be played: Marvel, Star Wars and Disney. The games are one or two players offline or two to four players online, and your final choice is to use the play set piece to play in your chosen world or to create your own world in the toy box.

The magic behind Disney Infinity is the base. By changing the play set piece, you choose which game you play and by changing the character on the base you can choose who you play with as well. Twilight of the Republic comes with two characters: Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. Any other Star Wars characters (sold separately) will also work within this game, but other game characters won’t work. Adding another Star Wars related play set piece (for example) let’s you play a different Star Wars game. You don’t need another disc.

For this game the recommended age is 7, and it features violence, fear and online gaming. There is no gameplay in Twilight of the Republic that isn’t seen in any of the Star Wars films or cartoon series’ like Clone Wars. What I love more than the game is his commentary. You ever played a computer game and not done a constant commentary? You must be in the minority. He makes me laugh with his “oh come on” and other frustrated/excited exclamations.

Twilight of the Republic Game Play for Disney Infinity 3.0

What isn’t there to love about it? The characters that go on there bug me as a mother for two reasons: 1) it’s just another toy to clutter up the sideboard and there a lot of characters to clutter and 2) the characters on the base are too tempting for a younger sister to grab and annoy her older brother with. That might just happen in my house though. If I hear another argument over ‘put it baa-aack’ or the word ‘mmuuuu-uuuumm’ again I might just switch it off and hide it.

I’m not going to do a detailed game write-up and I don’t know any useful cheats to get extra lives or short cuts to completing things. Heck I haven’t really sat down and watched the game for long. Some gamer blog post right? I remember being obsessed by Sonic the Hedgehog and typing up code on the Amstrad to get a game to work. To me, it is natural that kids get obsessed by electronic games, it’s a part of growing up. Another memory of things they used to do, together and alone. My son is entering that phase. I’m not going to leave it at just game play. I have a list of websites lined up as programming learning. Let’s get him thinking how Disney make these games.

Disney don’t do anything badly and Disney Infinity reflects that. My son is already looking forward to building on his collection. Guess I need to buy another bookcase and a feather duster for the collection of characters then!

You can get your own Twilight of the Republic starter set for Wii UX-Box and PS3 by following the links.

Happy playing guys, Love Toy Infinity x


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