Pizza Challenge!!! What? Are you mad kids?

Anyone who has spent any time watching You Tube videos will have seen a pizza challenge. They sound revolting and trust me, they are. The aim is to make an edible pizza out of a selection of mystery ingredients, all of which are in theory perfectly edible but in combination, well that’s a matter of luck.

Against my better judgement the two kids and us gave it a go: girls versus boys. Two pizzas covered with pizza sauce and cheese. 14 mystery ingredients written on slips of paper and put into a bowl to be picked at random. The best bit is laughing at who got what. Let me assure you neither me nor my daughter found garlic funny, although my son nearly wet himself. Cook them for 15 minutes at 180F (I have a fan oven, if you don’t the cooking time might be longer).

So, how were they? Disgusting, truely disgusting. The most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. The garlic didn’t help but gummy bears? They just melt leaving you with a soggy mess that is so sickly sweet. Add in tuna. Well, enough said right? It is safe to say none of us could eat more than a bite. Apart from my son. He was making all kinds of yummy noises and “it isn’t that bad Mum”. I was really beginning to worry about him; until I looked at him. The only reason he thought it was yummy was because he was eating a tiny piece of crust without anything topping on it at all.

Nice try! I wasn’t born yesterday young man 😂


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