Bean Boozled Challenge! Just avoid the vomit…

I’m not sure Bean Boozled has a big following here in the UK. My kids love watching baking videos on You Tube and Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio did the Bean Boozled challenge on her channel. It was our introduction to the most wicked game ever invented and manufactured.

Jelly Belly jelly beans have to be one of the most delicious sweets you can buy. Not only do they all taste lovely but you can combine a few together in a “recipe” and get a completely different taste. The only problem is when you get the darker colours and can’t quite tell what you are picking from the picture and get coffee instead of chocolate. Bean Boozled has taken this gamble and played Russian roulette with it. 

Each pattern of jelly bean has two flavours. One lovely, and one you wouldn’t eat if you were honest about it. I will give you an example. Yummy lime or lawn clippings, dog food or chocolate pudding, buttered popcorn or rotten egg. You get the idea, and you can’t tell which is which until you bite into it. We play two versions. The wimps version which needs a handy tissue, or the go hard or go home version where you are not allowed under any circumstances to spit the jelly bean out.

It usually ends up my son and I playing by ourselves. He is much harder than me and puts me to shame every time. We finished the box in January. He still asks if I have bought more. No is the short answer. I will though: maybe a surprise birthday present. I just have to pluck up the courage.

Christmas was made much more exciting by exposing our family to this game. I’m not sure they would agree to play it again mind you. If you have kids over 7 years old, I’m willing to bet on a game of Bean Boozled that they would love it. I have never seen it in the shops here in the UK. I bought mine on eBay, and went with the expansion pack as well, which gives a greater number of flavours. Expect to pay around £7.99 for the spinner game and £2.99 for the expansion pack.

Try it! Enjoy it! Don’t blame me if you get to eat vomit 😂.

Toy Infinity x


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