You Tube as Kids Entertainment?!

I love You Tube. I mean really love it. Obviously the clips like Ronnie Pickering my two kids haven’t seen. However, if you haven’t tried You Tube as tv, it really is well worth giving it a go.Don’t forget the child controls! I did on the now tv app. Nothing worse than discovering your son and friend watching some rather large, rather scantily clad lady singing songs from Miracle in Town, rather than some innocent video to go with their nativity play song practice. Once you have the videos on restricted control you can be sure that your under 18’s won’t see anything unsuitable.

So what do we watch? We love Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, if you like rainbow coloured cakes and cupcakes check out that channel. If you have a pre-school child I bet you have heard of Disney Collector. I have many home videos of both of mine impersonating her. They are too sweet and I’ll enjoy bringing them out at their 18th birthdays. My Cupcake Addiction is another great baking channel. We’ve learnt many frosting techniques with her tutorial videos.

My two are one of millions of subscribers to EvanTubeHD. I think I’ve watched more hours of EvanTubeHD than episodes of Friends! Add to that the BrickBuilder channel and I can put Lego together in my sleep, without using the instruction book.

I would never have watched hours of Heroes in the City, or Robocar Poli without You Tube. But is that why I love it the most? Hell no. It’s the chance to re-live my childhood. Inspector Gadget, He-Man, Jamie and the Magic Torch and Thundercats are just some of the tv from the ’80’s I have introduced them to. They weren’t impressed at all with the Flumps, something I cannot understand at all. Grandfather Flump,and the carrot in the flumpet stills makes me laugh today. If you’re too young to know what I’m on about You Tube it.

There are thousands of more educational videos on You Tube, something that Toy Infinity will develop using my experiences and activities over the past seven years. Learning to count, learning colours, learning letters are all covered with a variety of characters and presentation styles.

So if you You Tube, what channels do you watch?


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