A Shrektacular hour

Shrektacular is the right word for the Shrek Adventure.

Right next to the Sea Life, London Dungeon and London Eye tourist attractions is a new for 2016 visitor experience featuring everyone’s favourite ogre, Shrek. We took two kids aged 7 and 3 and they both loved it. It’s a cross between a 4D ride, walking tour and live theatre show. You are guided around as a series of short story sections, each with its own main feature character.

The absolute highlight is the maze. I won’t give too much away because it will spoil it, but it has to be one of the funniest kids entertainment things I have ever done. Everybody in the group was laughing and that wasn’t true for every part of the attraction.

The kids were kept even happier by the series of photo opportunities at the end featuring characters from Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. There are a few activities for them here too, the best being a copy Kung Fu Pandas moves video game. Only problem? My two didn’t weigh enough, cue slightly embarrassing five minutes doing it as well.

My only complaint is the queue at the end for the photo book sales. You don’t realise what you’re waiting for initially, and then it’s a hefty price tag for the book itself. You’re kind of trapped because you take a lift back up to the start from the sales room.

If you’re in London and planning what to see I’d recommend it. It’s a pre-book able show with time slots, and it sold out both days we were there, so it isn’t something you can rock up to and expect to get in. You can book online before you get to London. This does mean you don’t spend ages queuing to enter and the way they do it in small groups means you move quickly through the stages with no boring wait times to keep the kids amused in.

If you have a Merlin pass it is an included attraction, just like the London Eye, London dungeon, and Sea Life Centre, making it a great value days entertainment.

Shrek Adventure is amazing. It is Shrektacular!


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