Zootropolis? A police bunny you say?

When my son was adamant this was the film we had to watch I was filled with the usual ‘oh no’ as my initial thoughts. I am the Grinch of kids films. Especially the stupid ones. I bet you’re thinking of the films you think are stupid right now. I could name many! Now I don’t hate all kids films. Toy Story is still my number one favourite film and I love Wreck-It Ralph just to name a couple.

I had to disappoint the family though. I bloody loved it! It is one of the sweetest (in a typically predictable kind of a way) films. It has Disney all over it. The animation is amazing, the story has the right amount of hero and moral fibre to it and the police bunny is probably the cutest hero ever. If you don’t see the credits spot the famous voices.

Considering what you might pay good money to watch at a cinema I really do recommend Zootropolis.

Just make sure you don’t do what I did and stop watching exactly how many sweets your 7 year old is eating. Thankfully the sickness hasn’t translated into vomit! Yet…..

Disclaimer: like the true idiot I am sometimes it took my boy to point out I had remembered the title wrong. Really I just preferred Zootopia… 😳


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