You Tube! Our little project..

My son has a great imagination, he’s very creative and I have hit on a lovely idea to harness that and do something I really enjoy.

We’re making videos together. Yesterday I uploaded the first ones on You Tube. His face when he saw them live on our channel Toy Infinity was amazing. Even if nobody else watches them, the pride on his face was superb. Now, I’m hoping to develop our video making to bigger and better things but in the meantime he is enjoying it and learning.

There’s a huge amount of computer skills to editing a video, adding sounds and commentary. He is coming up with some amazing ideas, like the mixed up jigsaw one. And if I could bottle his excitement at one more view I would have endless energy on those days you didn’t get enough sleep.

This is the link to the Thomas jigsaw one. I hope you like it, if you could share it, it would make the day of a 7 year old boy and his 39 year old mum.

Toy Infinity and Beyond!!



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