Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

I bloody love Lego. I mean really really really love it. I swear there is nothing you can’t make out of Lego. This Christmas we tackled the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon. The picture on the box looked immense. I had a very excited 7 year old who couldn’t wait to get started and a 3 year old who wanted to “help”. I didn’t get a look-in. My Lego creator didn’t need any help, he did it in 4 days. It looked as immense as the picture on the box.

Now, if you have ever built anything out of Lego then you know it isn’t the most durable toy when in the hands of over-excited children. The Millennium Falcon is no exception. If I can give you one piece of advice… Don’t step on it; it doesn’t end well for the Falcon. I could almost see the tears rolling down Han Solo’s face. They were matched by the tears rolling down the 7 year olds face.

An hour of parental fixing and it looked as good as new, prompting thank you letters and the (well-deserved) accolades of the best parents in the world.

I don’t know how Lego do it when they create these iconic toys, but I hope they keep doing it for a very long time. Yes when I was a child I had a box of Lego, no posh Lego sets, and made something from my imagination and not instructions. It never looked like I wanted it to. Apart from the dog, I can build a pretty cool Lego dog. That is my next challenge with my son. A good old fashioned Lego building competition. I will put the pictures of our results on this blog, and I can pretty much guarantee his efforts will be better than mine!


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