Toys From My Childhood

One of the best parts of being an adult is the nostalgia around your old toys.  The eighties were a fantastic time to grow up. I am biased since I have had no childhood in any other era, but my memory is full of wonder toys and cartoons.

I am trying to pass this love of the eighties onto my own children. Making them watch repeats of Inspector Gadget, He-Man, Bananaman and Button Moon on You Tube. Finding old board games that I had forgotten I still owned; Guess Who (the politically incorrect version lol), Escape from Atlantis, Junior Scrabble and Frustration.

I still own my Care Bear, he is regularly cuddled by my daughter, and I recently told the Aunty who bought him for me that he was still being played with. I wish I had my Little Professor still for my 7 year old, he would love it with his maths obsession. I definitely still have the scars from the space hopper days! I loved She-Ra, but not as much as He-Man, I’m not sure whether my love stemmed from buying it with money I had saved or having something my best friend didn’t. As for Fashion Wheel. I’m looking forward to buying the modern equivalent for my daughter in a few years; many a rain swept afternoon was spent designing clothes that no-one would ever wear (or want to, my choice of colours was a little bold).

So, these are some of my favourites, if you were a child in the eighties what did you love most? I’d love to read your comments.


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