Toy Infinity and Beyond!

As a mum to two youngsters, our house has a lot of toys. From puzzles to the latest Lego sets desired by my 7 year old, our house has seen most things.
My love of toys started with the Disney Pixar film Toy Story, even now it is my ultimate number one film, followed closely by Toy Story 2 and 3. Way back in 1998, after University was finished, my now husband and I took a trip to Florida. There I bought a Woody. He had a plastic cowboy hat, and a pull string on his back. I cherished this doll for years, through dozens of house moves, job changes and 17 years of life in general.

My daughter got hold of him in 2015. She was 3; three year olds aren’t known for being kind to their toys, or anyone else’s! His life changed forever. The pull string is permanently trailing behind him, the reedy mechanical voice has been permanently silenced and I have no idea where his hat is now. I will never part with him though. He reminds me of being 21, getting drunk in a bar in Orlando, shopping at midnight in a drunken haze (thankfully buying fairly tasteful clothes!) and a fantastic holiday.

I’ve finally got to the point of this post. Toys are so special because of the memories they leave you with. Long after they have been given away or broken; everyone remembers what they used to play with, what they longed for but never had and what their friends swapped with them. This blog and my venture Toy Infinity is built around the long lasting memories from our childhood and the childhoods of our children.



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